Idera Diagnostic Manager Fast Forward

QuickStart Training for Idera diagnostic manager

DB Directions, in consultation with Idera, has created a program allowing you to derive maximum benefit in the shortest time by:

  1. Shortening the overall learning curve from X to Y
  2. Providing expertise on optimal configuration settings for your installation
  3. Establishing baselines, thresholds, rules and counters for critical alerts
  4. Tuning for best performance, including identifying and resolving blocking, resource, query, space and wait issues

All of this can be accomplished in 3 short hours with our experts, at the nominal cost of $675.00.

Review installation & configuration of Diagnostic Manager

  • Discuss SQL Server architecture
  • Discuss Diagnostic Manager architecture & installation options
  • Review current Diagnostic Manager deployment

Set up Diagnostic Manager server groups

  • Discuss organizing servers into groups within Diagnostic Manager for specific purposes
  • Demonstrate how to set alerts based on the groups

Configure trace settings for monitored servers

  • Demonstrate use of SQL trace feature

Create security groups

  • Demonstrate how to set up security groups