Introduction to SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP Databases (Hekaton)

Please join us next week on July 24 at 6:00 PM at the Microsoft Offices at 11 Times Square for a presentation by Kevin Goff. Please register at

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Hekaton is Microsoft’s code word for their new OLTP in-memory, optimized data processing option for frequently-used tables in SQL Server 2014. In certain instances, Hekaton can yield performance gains of over 10x. This session will cover the benefits of Hekaton, why developers and DBAs would want to use Hekaton, and the different options for creating Hekaton tables. We’ll also look at the native-code stored procedure optimizations when using Hekaton. Additionally, this session will show the range and limitations of Hekaton and how it differs from traditional SQL Server tables (such as transaction handling). Along the way, the session will have several code demonstrations where we’ll look at performance benchmarks. If you’ve heard about Hekaton and in-memory optimizations and terms such as ‘latch and lock free structures’ and wondered what it all means, this session is for you!


Kevin S. Goff ( has been a Microsoft MVP since 2005. He is a Database architect/developer/speaker/author and has been writing magazine articles and books for 10 years. He speaks regularly at community events in the Mid-Atlantic region, and is a regular speaker for the SQL Live!360 commercial conference brand

Storage Sizing: A practical Approach

Ever scratch your head trying to figure out how many drives or what kind of drives to use to support one of your servers?  Ever get stuck trying to perform RAID math and figure out the overhead or optimal RAID configuration for a particular database?  Come join the SQL server user’s group next week on Thursday June 26th  at the Microsoft Offices at 11 Times Square and listen to Chuck Chiambalero discuss approaches to sizing storage for SQL server.

 Chuck Chiambalero is an EMC Microsoft Solutions advisor in the New York area and has sized (quite literally) many thousand SQL storage solutions for companies and databases of all different profiles.

Chucks’s company – EMC – will also be providing refreshments and giveaways. Please click here to register.