Remote DBA Services

DB Directions’ trained, experienced team provides the critical maintenance and backup services that Microsoft SQL Server requires to afford the speed, reliability, data integrity, and security that every organization must have. These activities include:

  • Data Backup Properly executed data backup and data restoration are critical to data integrity and system security.
  • Data Security Every system should be monitored for security breaches and effective counter-measures should be taken both before and following attempts to breach that security.
  • Database Tuning Performance levels can be assured when systems are monitored and maintained on a regular basis.
  • Database Monitoring The system as a whole should be monitored for a variety of potential large and small problems in order to take proactive action and avoid difficulties.

The need for a round-the-clock Database Administrator (DBA) is directly correlated to the importance and critical role of an organization’s systems. However, a single DBA cannot provide a complete solution without being available day and night, 365 days per year, year in and year out. DB Directions staff can provide a complete Remote DBA service package at an attractive price.

DB Directions provides a full range of solutions at affordable costs:

  • Remote Monitoring This offering is the central core solution that DB Directions provides. DB Directions can design, enhance, install, set up, manage, monitor, and maintain all of an organization’s databases 24 hours / day – 365 days per year.
  • Guidance DB Directions’ team of database administrators is comprised of highly skilled individuals with experience across a wide variety of situations and organizations capable of quickly analyzing and solving the most complex SQL Server and Oracle related challenges.